This Post Supplies All You Had To Understand About Furniture

No one could argue that furnishings isn’t essential to residence decor, regardless of the style you go with. The problem lots of people have is that they have no idea how to obtain the very best furnishings for the very best prices. Maintain checking out to discover the very best methods to obtain the furnishings you are entitled to at a rate that makes you delighted.

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Think of where you are visiting place an item of furnishings that you are looking for. If it is going near a heating system or a vent of some kind, then wood furnishings is not a good selection. Dry heat indicates wood is likely to dry and also reduce with time, which leaves cracks. If you need to, make up with a humidifier in drier months. You want a moisture degree of regarding 40 percent.

If the item of furnishings you are getting has doors or drawers, test them out. Cabinets should move smoothly and also open completely. When you shut them, they should align uniformly. For cupboard doors, once you open them, they should remain open. You should also ensure that they close and also lock safely.

If you’re obtaining furnishings for your teen’s area, allow them assist you. Give them a spending plan, set some limits, and also allow them pick a couple of items. You could assist them mix and also match, but a teen will certainly appreciate the freedom of having the ability to furnish his area and also environment the way he sees fit.

You have to buy furnishings that will certainly go well with the rest of your residence. For example, if you have actually an informed house, it is not really a good idea to antique furnishings and also vice versa. Unless you want your the home of look ugly, it is important to take this into account.

Inspect the legs of any furnishings before you buy. Look for furnishings that has tough wooden legs that are correctly signed up with to the framework of the item. Toenailed on wood legs or plastic shaped legs are not as steady, and also could ruin floors. If you are looking at sofas, search for one with a fifth leg, situated between for added security and also support.

Never ever go affordable on your bed. You might assume your couch is the item of furnishings that gets the most time, but also for lots of people it’s the bed. Pay the additional cost to obtain one that’s entirely comfy for you. It’s well worth it, and also it could actually influence just how you feel on a daily basis.

Take into consideration used furnishings. A great, strong item of furnishings could be handed downed for generations and also still look fantastic. Inspect thrift shops, moving sales, and also estate sales. You might discover a gem that not just will stand the test of time, but sets you back a fraction of the cost of a brand-new item.

If you are looking for brand-new furnishings that has pillows, search for ones with company pillows and also removable covers. Firm pillows will certainly last a lot longer compared to softer ones. If the pillows have removable covers, inspect to see if they are machine washable. Your furnishings will certainly look great for a a lot longer period of time if you could clean the pillows.

It could be hard to obtain enough excellent furnishings to load your residence correctly. You need to educate yourself regarding the process before you go shopping. This short article, with any luck, provided you with all you have to understand.”

Silicon Valley Moms Group Acquired By Technorati Media

6a00d83451bae269e20134890268a6970c-200wiReports of our demise, as the saying goes, were premature. The Silicon Valley Moms Group of sister sites is taking up residence in a new location. Look for that great timely, opinionated, poignant, and sometimes just plain funny parenting content you’re used to seeing on this site over at The Women’s Channel at Technorati. After 6 great years of blogging here, we’ve moved to a new home.


Jill Asher, Beth Blecherman & Tekla Nee

Co-Founders, Silicon Valley Moms Group

A Promise Is A Promise

6a00d83451bae269e20133f1f3ed77970b-200wiThe “blogosphere” is a strange world to enter.  There are no real guidebooks or maps.  Your starting point may be your first, “hello, is anyone out there?” post, but you have no real idea what the final destination is or what the milestones along the way are (oh, sure, you may THINK you know what they are, but you don’t REALLY know what they are).  And while there are certainly a lot of statistics (How many readers?  How many uniques?  How many subscribers? How many return visitors?  How many Twitter followers? Blah, blah, blah.), there isn’t really a great way to measure your journey through the blogosphere.

So I consider it pure coincidence and happenstance that I ran into a bunch of great bloggers at the beginning of my blogging journey, actually pre-Caffeine And A Prayer and learned about the Silicon Valley Moms Blog Group and the DC Metro Moms Blog.  Back then I only had a private, for-the-family-only blog, but I knew I was going to launch a public blog soon.  And I decided when I did, I wanted to be able to be a writer for DC Metro Moms.

Of my checklist of things to accomplish with my fledgling blog, receiving SV Moms Blog founder Jill Asher’s call was one of my most thrilling.

What I didn’t realize was that this goal meant far more than exposure and driving more traffic to my own blog.  It meant meeting a fantastic group of women.  Truly fantastic — not just because they have great blogs — but because they have an incredible sense of community and are funny and supportive and are somehow both an incredibly eclectic yet harmonious group of women.  Put these women in a room and there will be fun.  Put these women in room with food and wine and there will be a party.  Put these women in a room with food, wine, and a problem to solve and there will not only be a solution, but a lot of laughter along the way.  I have had the pleasure of attending multiple events with the DC Metro Moms and not once have I come home wishing I hadn’t gone.  In fact, I’ve come home every time craving another gathering soon.

In a little over a year, these women have taught me so much about blogging, about writing, about networking, about friendship, about women.

Therefore, it was with a heavy heart that I took the news about the Silicon Valley Moms group dissolving. I’ve enjoyed the discipline writing here twice a month has enforced upon me.  I was fearful that our local camaraderie would disappear along with the collaboration on this site.

How could I have been so distrustful?

For it was DC Metro Moms who brought us together, but the bonds formed were real.  Soon, you will see these writers working together again, under different circumstances.

So it seems only fitting to fulfill my promise to DC Metro Moms, to write a post every couple of weeks, to send my last post on the blog’s last day, to say thank you for the opportunities, for the events, but more importantly, for the friendships I have made with local bloggers.  The blogosphere may not have any official tour guides, but you provided an invaluable “hyper-local” (as our editors were fond of saying) way station for this blogger during her journey.

Finest Event Protection Services

As event protection members are often the first factor of call for patrons, after that should you obtain the staffing wrong after that you will certainly extremely swiftly realise that your occupation has been irrevocably stained and will certainly be beyond redemption.

Just what you need take into consideration is that event protection staff are repeatedly the initial factor of call when anybody shows up to your event and if their look and demeanour are totally lacking after that it will certainly show awfully on you.

Avoidance also includes the use of illumination and protection cameras. An event protection solution does the best task when staff is well trained, mixes right into the crowd well and does not interrupt the event. Guests are not the only thing safeguarded by protection. The facility, leased equipment and any music equipment are kept safe and undisturbed, lessening the opportunity of the host sustaining any prices related to destroy. Team must possess expertise of the facility and be prepared to deny visitors access to forbidden locations.

Do your research and locate an up and coming protection business which planning to produce event protection operatives which are not simply from previous armed forces backgrounds but from the emergency situation services.

You need to planning to a seasoned and well experienced protection business when wanting to hire event protection. You also need to discover a firm that suits your specific protection need. There is no factor in getting protection solutions that aren’t catering for your demands. The most successful event protection companies are ones which intend your protection piece by piece to your precise requirements. Occasion risk degrees differ and a tailored plan for every event is required.

So just how can you make sure your event is a complete success? By inviting Churchill Protection along certainly! Occasion protection is a speciality of ours and with our SIA accredited security guards we could be certain your occasion will certainly run as safely and efficiently as feasible.

You might recognize the old adage, less is much more, when it involves utilizing a quality program and event protection operative after that you will certainly discover it to be totally appropriate.

If you desire your event to go ahead with the minimum of hassle and with the piece of mind that comes with recognizing that if anything fails, you have a fantastic protection group gotten ready for every ultimately, you need to consider a reputable event protection group.

Important aspect of acquiring a new Office phone system

The most important aspect of acquiring a new office phone system is the security of that new system. When your employees are on the phone, talking to clients and potential clients, they could quite possibly be discussing confidential information about an account or the company. You do not want outsiders to tap into the phone system and listen to conversations between employees and customers, picking up private and confidential information about the company that can lead to identity theft or other financial problems. Some of the newest office phone systems on the market provide companies with the option of setting up a password for each phone. This keeps unwanted guests from using the phones while in the office. Each employee will need to setup a password for his or her phone and then enter it prior to making a phone call to another employee or a client.

VOIP technology is certainly growing in popularity amidst a huge number of office phone systems out there on the market. The clearest advantage of VOIP is that it saves businesses a great deal of money. Because calls are made over the Internet, and so bypass the PSTN, VOIP providers are able to charge the user one flat, monthly fee, regardless of whether local or International calls have been made and how long the calls lasted. This is vital for businesses that regularly make long distance calls to clients, customer and colleagues abroad. International calls using a traditional landline can be incredibly expensive and can have a big impact on a company’s financial outgoings and overheads. Of course, if a company decides to invest in VOIP technology for its office phone systems, it will have to pay an initial cost for the system. However, although VOIP phones are not cheap, they are gradually coming down in price and are slowing becoming widely available to the masses.

Communication is very important in business, in conversing effectively with colleagues to sealing that killer deal with a client. Choosing efficient office phone systems can be vital for the success of your company and poor phone lines could easily mean losing business and even money. A poor and unreliable phone system can cost you more than you think. Office phone systems have become the lifeblood that sustains today’s businesses and without them, they will find it extremely difficult to operate. Most businesses now experiment with the latest innovations in telephone communications, and at the minute, that innovation is VOIP. Arguably the future of business communication, it should certainly be seriously considered by businesses in all industries and all over the world.
When setting up your new business’s office environment you may well think you have more important things to worry about aside from which office phone system you will implement, but it is of upmost important that you choose a system that is reliable, provides great quality calls and is also affordable. Your phone system is your path to drumming up new businesses, schmoozing clients and maintaining communication with colleagues you simply cannot afford for yours to be inefficient. VOIP fulfils all of these needs and holds a great number of benefits.

Safety Gates on the Internet?

6a00d83451bae269e20133f1910a04970b-200wiAs a young mom I safety proofed my house, used car safety seats until the kids were 8 years old, held hands when we crossed a parking lot, and cut their food in to teeny tiny pieces. You might think that I would be relieved to remove the last door knob cover, but safety proofing doesn’t end when your child can open a door. Now that my children are no longer babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, why would I let down my guard?

When my oldest first asked to go online she was about 5 or 6. She had heard a commercial. She desperately wanted to go to to play Blues Clues. I sat with her as she clicked around in the games. l taught her to stay on the Nick website. Her Nick days faded when a friend told her about Club Penguin. Club Penguin was pushed aside when Webkinz hit Hallmark stores and everywhere. Webkinz were the Silly Bandz of 2008.

The pull of Webkinz faded for my daughter when she was about 10. She desperately wanted her own e-mail. She needed to start a web page. She wanted to play games that were for bigger kids. Had she heard about Facebook she would have wanted an account. I was not ready for all these new endeavors.

As a 5th grader she started a website before I started blogging. How funny is that? The kid is a trailblazer! She created a class newspaper online by recruiting her friends as correspondents. She even had a “Dear Abby” column. Sadly we had to close the comments on her website as several classmates posted rude and inappropriate comments. So sad that a few bad apples spoiled it for the rest of her class.

I let her have an e-mail in 6th grade…with a great deal of monitoring and hand wringing on my part. But, Facebook was a no go. She begged. She pleaded. Apparently every 6th and then 7th grade friend was on Facebook. Many kids on Facebook lied about their ages and the schools they attended — if in elementary or middle school, the kids would list our local high school as their school. I held firm.

I discovered over a year ago. Yoursphere is a social network site for kids, tweens, and teens that is for kids only. No adults. Parents can sign up their kids for Yoursphere, but must go through an online security program.

Yoursphere was an alternative to Facebook. My daughter got to play on a site that wasn’t babyish, while I had the reassurance that she was in a safe environment online. A win for both of us.

Moms of kids, preteens, and teens may want to know that Yoursphere is now FREE.

Jill blogs about #onlinesafety #kids #tweens #teens and #notatechie at Musings from Me. She was a Yoursphere Test Drive Mom for Mom Central on behalf of Yoursphere. She received a free lifetime Gold membership on, Yoursphere t-shirts, and a $50 American Express gift card to facilitate her review.

Holding Firm…or Not

6a00d83451bae269e20134851a4436970c-200wiMy husband and I do not see eye to eye on all parenting issues. Sometimes I am the heavy in the argument. The one who pushes my agenda down his throat. Occasionally he is the one who is insistent on an issue. There is one issue that we agree on. One issue that we both declared was a topic not up for discussion or consideration. Contact sports.

As a young couple — we met when I was just-21 and he was almost 20 — we quickly moved from getting-to-know-you conversations to deep discussions. I was a senior in college, while he was a junior. We weren’t engaged. Nor had we dated long. It sounds strange to think about now, but we did talk about marriage, kids, and even death.

We talked about what we would name our due in the distant future kids. We tut-tutted at the way a couple at our health club brought their young kids to late night wallyball game. (Wallyball? I am dating myself now…big time. Wallyball was played in a racquetball court.) Sports was a big topic of conversation for us.

My husband is a sports nut. Nowadays he plays sports, watches games, coaches our children, and plays video games. As a kid, he played very few sports due probably to the long hours his dad worked and his mother’s health. I have never played a team sport, except for P.E. classes. We both agreed that our children would play sports. My husband was excited to coach the kids in ANY sport. I wanted my children to have something that I missed out on — the experience of being part of a team. We liked the idea of our future offspring being a part of a team.

In our musings about our future sports stars, we were adamant about one thing. No child would play a contact sport. For my husband, it came down to safety. For me, football is an aggressive game. I’m from England, the land where soccer stars in the 80s regularly stepped on the field with perms, highlights, and gold medallions. It was not unusual for a professional soccer play to get knocked down, writhe around in agony, then hop up a moment later. No kid of mine would play a contact sport.

After watching two little girls, play soccer, basketball, tball, and now volleyball, we assumed our son would take the same path replacing t-ball with baseball. He played soccer for two seasons, but didn’t love it. Basketball was not his thing, Neither was t-ball. What would his sport be I wondered?

This past winter during our snowbound quarantine, he and his dad watched lots of football. He talked about playing football many times over the winter. I said but you’re playing soccer in the fall…you’re too little for football… To be fair he is very tall for his age. At 7, he is as tall as many 9 year olds.

Football — in England we call it “American football” as soccer is called football — is an aggressive, full body contact type of sport. Injuries. Concussions. Broken bones. You name it, I worry about it.

My son would not agree to play soccer. We compromised by signing him up for flag football. Only we had one small teeny tiny problem. He is too old for flag football. What to do, what to do?

After many discussions. e-mails back and forth to moms and dads of tackle football players. Much hand wringing we agreed — reluctantly — to sign him up for tackle football. He’s 7 and tall for his age, but the decision is still a weighty one to make.

Jill blogs at Musings from Me on sporty kids, preteens, teens, and even husbands, which is funny because she is not sporty at all.

Original post to DC Metro Moms.

Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok: A SV Moms Group Book Club

Transplanted from Hong Kong to New York City as a (very poor) young girl with her mother, Ah-Kim or Kimberley, struggled to make things better for her family, to learn English, to walk the line between traditional Chinese duties and the Americanized teenager she grew into. Join us today as we discuss the book Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok.

6a00d83451bae269e20133f1a3ebed970b-200wiHere are what the SV Moms Group contributors ave to say today, all inspired by the book Girl in Translation:

Silicon Valley Moms Blog is hosting the book club discussion this month. Please leave a comment here to join in the discussion.

Past SV Moms Group Book Clubs have included:

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He Has a Point About Father’s Day

6a00d83451bae269e20133f1193071970b-200wiI asked my husband what he wanted to do for Father’s Day this year and he stated with a smirk, “A hike.” I looked at him oddly and asked why he said it so sarcastically.  He explained, “Every year we go on a hike.  Every Father’s Day it is all about being out as a family.  It’s always the same.”


Except last we went to a nearby Potomac Nationals game.  He went on a bit more and said, “Mother’s Day is all about rest and relaxation. There are spa treatments, Mom doesn’t cook. She’s pampered and left alone. Father’s Day is all about being up in Dad’s face.”  OK, I might have paraphrased a bit in that last line, but it’s precisely what he meant.  He doesn’t go off alone to play golf, hang with other Dad’s who just want to sip a good pinot noir and watch the sunset or get a massage.

He has a point too.  Traditionally and historically speaking Dad’s have been a bit off to the side when it comes to childcare and household duties.  It has only been in the last few decades that men have taken on more of the tasks at home and with the kids.  We have welcomed it with huge smiles and open arms.  Yet, how we celebrate Father’s Day hasn’t really changed. At least it hasn’t changed in terms of gift guides and suggestions that roll out this time of year. Year after year it is the same ideas. Ties are boring, power tools are better. Get Dad sporting goods.  Wait! Skinny ties are in, get him one of those.  Doesn’t Dad want a giant steak to go with that new riding lawn mower?  How about a fishing pole or a new television?   Last Sunday’s paper was chocked full of these ideas, which is what spurred this conversation initially.

While he still hasn’t decided on what he wants to do with his Father’s Day, it is getting closer to how we celebrate Mother’s Day.  He wants to sleep in and has picked a special dinner and dessert. The girls and I have decided on a gift and to be safe a power tool might be thrown in as well.  Just no ties. Next year maybe we’ll send him to a spa.

Remembering That Ch-Ch-Ch-Change is the Only Constant

6a00d83451bae269e201348443e4c1970c-200wiMy daughter came home from Kindergarten last Thursday acting out of sorts, blue, and really, really down.

I asked her what was going on and what happened that made her feel that way.

Our Word Wall is down.  The walls in our classroom are getting empty, and we took everything out of our cubbies today.  It’s not my same class, and it just. . . makes me feel funny.

Ahhhh, the ole “a new change is-a-comin’ syndrome”–the same one that I still suffer from with the change of seasons, change of schedule, change of just about anything.

My daughter’s teacher is retiring this year, and I’m sure that after close to 30 years teaching in the same county, she’s more than ready to head out come June 16th.  And I couldn’t be more happy for her–I remember feeling like I wanted to start breaking down my own classroom on June 1st so that I, too, could walk out the doors the minute my high schoolers finished their last exam. I was free as a bird but with a belly full of butterflies until my new summer schedule kicked in.  I can only imagine how my daughter’s teacher must feel, walking into retirement in the next week. I wondered if my little one felt the same way, moving out of Kindergarten and into a school-free summer.

I tried to explain to my 6-year old that change is sometimes hard and that it’s strange to watch something you’re really familiar with move in a different direction.

I wanted to tell her that for some, change is hard.  Really hard.  I wanted to tell her how, whether it’s a cleaned-out cubby or a blank Word Wall, the move from Kindergarten to grade one, school year to summer, it can take some getting used to.  But we all move through it. We have to.

I thought about letting her know that in life, change is really the only constant, the only thing you can count on.  I wanted to explain that there are very few things–people, situations, feelings, or events–that will remain unmoved and that just when you get really settled, something will usually come along to switch up your normal.

Big changes–from high school to college, single life to married life, a family of two to a family of three, good health to illness, and the loss of loved ones–are understandably difficult and painful for many.  It could be the change from one baby two to (or three!), the addition of a pet or the move to a new house.  Or the changing seasons of friends, of relationships, of co-workers, it never mattered.  They were all difficult for me.  And usually these changes brought melancholy and moodiness until I got settled and appreciated its “newness”.

I have tried to keep my kids fresh in their openness to try new things and embrace change on a frequent basis.  I have introduced something “new for us” each week, and we celebrate steps of change when we can.  We are active in our community, and we do what we can to be a part of something larger than ourselves so that we can keep things in perspective when change does come upon us suddenly.

But sometimes it’s just hard.  And sometimes, no matter how minimal the change may be, we need a little time to mourn our loss before we are able to embrace what the future holds.

So as we made our way home from school last Thursday, our last Thursday of school of the year, the last Thursday I’d ever walk with my oldest child as a Kindergartner, wedid talk about how changes are sometimes hard and that it takes a while to adjust to something new.

And then we celebrated a sunny Thursday and summer and the upcoming weekend, and we clinked our ice-pops together in a sweet cheers to the adventures that lie ahead.

This is an original DC Metro Moms post.

Amy M. is trying her best to embrace the many changes that lie ahead for her family, her summer, and for the SV Moms Group at large. She’s using what she can as learning opportunities for her little ones–and herself–and she’s sharing the skinny over at teach mama and we teach.