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July 31, 2008

To Go or Not to Go? That IS Question

Convention_2 Reporters and pundits are counting down the days to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  I, along with a group of other bloggers from MOMocrats, are planning on going to cover the event.  Our bags aren't packed yet, but planning E-mails are being swapped constantly!

Initially, in my alter ego PunditMom was THRILLED to be able to say I was going to be there!!  What could be better for a wonky political chick than to immerse myself in the Democratic gathering of the year?

But the more I think about it, I wonder -- is it really worth it to go?  I've covered a political convention before in my previous incarnation as a broadcast journalist.  And while it was pretty heady to be in the convention hall, most of the stories that were there to be covered weren't happening on the convention floor.

Forgive me while I muse over this happy dilemma.  I know there are lots of other bloggers who would gladly dig into their pockets for the chance to be with the Obama-maniacs.  And my quandry doesn't have anything to do with my somewhat tepid support for Barack Obama -- I had a great time at the Republican convention I covered.

I just have to wonder whether in our era of instantaneous news delivery,  whether I need to be there to write commentary on the events?  Plus, it's all on my own dime.  No sponsors, no employers to foot the bill, just some savings  So, is it worth a couple thousand dollars of "Joanne's" money (when you add the airfare, hotel room, food, rental car, a week's worth of child care expenses, etc.) for "PunditMom" to hang out in The Big Tent?

I am still mulling this one over and I'm not sure which way to come down on this.  So that's why I'm asking here!

Help me figure out whether, in the long run, it's worth it to be away from home for a week and try to patch together some child care for an eight-year-old (school will not have started yet!), for the "opportunity" to stay at an economy hotel for a week and clamor with all the other reporters for a good story or two??

If one wants to be taken seriously in the political blogosphere does content trump event coverage, or is it necessary to do both?

When Joanne isn't over-analyzing whether she can be a good "PunditMom" without going to the Democratic Convention, you can find her going all political at her place, as well as at MOMOcrats, The Huffington Post and BlogHer, where she is a Contributing Editor for Politics & News.

Original DC Metro Moms blog post.


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