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January 31, 2009

A Weak Defense of February

-3 I think T.S. Eliot had it wrong - February is the cruelest month.

I've never been a fan of February. Back in high school, the seniors published an insert to the newspaper at the end of the year entitled "Obsessions and Repulsions" where they could each list what they loved and hated. Under "Repulsions", my list started out something like this: "February, winter, cold, darkness, stress, grey, snow, ice, sleet, short days, etc...". In the intervening years, my feelings toward the year's second month haven't really improved.

But this year, I am going to think positive, and try to come up with 10 reasons to like February, which is only a short day away.

Here goes:

1. Icy streets provide a good excuse for why I can't go running in the morning.

2. February is three whole days shorter than January, another of my least-favorite months.

3. That nice three-day weekend in the middle.

4. I imagine it's fun to help your kids celebrate Valentine's Day at school, though my kids are now at a Jewish pre-school that doesn't observe it. (Bah humbug).

5. All that great Valentine's Day candy.

6. All that great Valentine's Day candy will be 50% off on February 15th.

7. Shorter days make it marginally easier to get my kids into bed at night.

8. Disney on Ice is coming back to town in a few weeks.

9. I'm not deathly sick of my winter wardrobe yet - that won't happen until March.

And the tenth reason not to hate February...

10. The Oscars!!!

Ok, Sunday - I'm ready for you.

Original D.C. Metro Moms post. Gayle also blogs about books at Everyday I Write The Book.


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