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August 02, 2009

Where the hell is National Harbor?

National harbor scene I was fairly certain National Harbor was somewhere near DC, but then something happened and I wasn't so confident.  I had planned a Pre-BlogHer gathering at a brand new gallery, arranged for a fabulous sponsor for the soiree, even arranged for a fancy schmancy caterer. I'd gone crazy in the wine store.  Everything was in place for a fabulous evening of getting to know other bloggers from DC, VA and MD.  The day of the event,  I had everything packed in my car and ready to roll. I plugged the information into my GPS and then I felt my stomach lurch. 

 Staring back at me were the words "Oxon Hill, MD."  Not being from DC, I read "Maryland" and instantly began to hyperventilate as my mind began to race, "Uh oh. Did I plan a DC, VA and MD event in Baltimore by accident. Who does that? Who plans an event accidentally in the wrong locale over an hour away?"  Thankfully, not I.

In my 10 second lamaze-breathing freak-out, I confused the National Harbor with the Inner Harbor. I called a neighbor who talked me down and let me know I would not have to haul ass drive to Baltimore after all. Turns out I wasn't alone in the land of confusion. Another who attended the event didn't know where she was either.

So let's discuss a few things about National Harbor.

1. There is a brand new hotel there. And it is huge. Maybe big enough to host BlogHer11 (hint hint).

2.  It's a much shorter drive from my house to National Harbor and doesn't require an Easy Pass.

3. Woodrow Wilson fans driving in from Virginia will enjoy the bridge.

4.  The exit number for National Harbor is "2", making it simple to remember.

5.  It isn't in Baltimore.

We've lived in quite a few places. Each place we've lived has had its own share of challenges. In St. Louis I had to figure out the many bridges, in Shreveport it was learning to abandon all hope of a grid system, in Wichita I realized that while Kansas is flat, you can't rely on the Rockies to determine where West is.  Usually I have a fairly decent sense of direction, but my kids are the ones who tell me there is a sure sign when I've adjusted to a new locale, "You make fewer U-turns, Mom."

My friends from Maryland say they wont' drive in Virginia because it's "too confusing."  Given my recent experience, I might beg to differ and say Maryland is equally confusing to navigate.

What do you think?

Original DC Metro Moms Post. Devra can be found harboring other things over at Parentopia.


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