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November 26, 2009

When will I be old enough to host Thanksgiving?

Turkey Thanksgiving is fast approaching, people are traveling far and wide, some stay locally and visit with family and friends. We are all preparing to eat way more than is advisable is one day.  It's the beginning of the Holiday Season, on cool nights you can smell chimney smoke in the neighborhood, and you almost always need a jacket in the day time.  

This year we are spending the day at my parent's house, just thirty minutes away.  I had wanted to host this year for several reasons; I'm (very) pregnant and wanted to be home, I want to keep things simple and easy for Noah, and I just wanted to be the host, the cook, the Mom.  But, alas, I lost out once again to my own Mother and I got to wondering, when will I be old enough to host Thanksgiving?

I don't want my kids to grow up thinking Holidays are when you get in the car and drive somewhere, at least not every holiday, not every year.  I remember as a kid waking up late on Thanksgiving morning to the smell of my mother cooking pumpkin pie, potatoes and turkey.  The Macy's Day Parade on the television just playing but no one sitting and watching.  My Dad would clean the living room and start a fire in the wood stove and within a few hours some family and friends would come over and house would fill with voices and laughter and later fade into the sounds of eating and digesting. 

I want to create traditions and memories for own family so they have a sense of togetherness and something to reflect on years later when they have their own families.  It's fine to visit family and take a drive, but I think the best holidays are spent waking up the smell of mom cooking, playing games and being together for a casual fun day at home.  I want my kids to look back, thirty years from now and want to give their own families the same sense of tradition that I am striving to to create for them. 

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

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