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April 08, 2010

Team WhyMommy and the Virtual Science Fair

WhymommysciencefairFrom across the blogosphere, and actually, across the world, bloggers have joined together to show support for one of our own.  Yesterday, Susan Niebur (WhyMommy), a former DC Metro Moms contributor, who blogs at Toddler Planet, Mothers with Cancer and Women in Planetary Science, began Round Two of her battle with inflammatory breast cancer by having cancerous lymph nodes removed.

Susan is an astrophysicist, space scientist, writer, advocate, mom to two boys and friend.  Jean, of Stimeyland, wanted to organize a show of support and love for Susan, but wanted it to be a day of science, not a day of cancer. 

And thus, the Team WhyMommy Virtual Science Fair was born. Bloggers from China to New Zealand and across the Americas took on the task of science and wrote about it, turning Susan's love of science into our own little science of love.

Jean, from Stimeyland, performed a variety of spring-inspired science explorations, including a Peeps vs. microwave battle, with Team Stimey.

Jessica, from A Parent in Silver Spring, did one of her fabulous round ups of great ways to introduce your kids to planetary science in the DC area.

Leticia, from Tech Savvy Mama, who once served as a human shield for Susan in some high-risk, undercover blogging operations, presents her own not-so-long-distance dedication of Space Songs.

Joeymom, from Life with Joey, and her kids, got tickled by goat tongues.

Karianna, from the Karianna Spectrum, takes us through the scientific method (with Legos!).

Sarah, from Not a Mud Hut, and her 2-year old were inspired by Darwin, and also enjoyed a good old-fashioned baking soda eruption.

Kate, from Upside Backwards, took her family to the Carter Observatory in Wellington, New Zealand and learned about what we can see in the skies from the southern hemisphere.

Jill, from Musings from Me, did a dinosaur dig with her science-loving son.

Marisa, from Our Daylight Adventures, made some space art, stars on the wall and finished the day with a good book.

BetteJo, from A Bead a Day, demonstrates capillary action with a cool slideshow.

Devra, from Parentopia, embarrasses herself in the name of science.

Tracy, from Tiny Mantras, compiled a wrap-up of some of her favorite science-inspired activities with her son.

Montessori Mommy, from Montessori in Real Life, bravely took on an ant farm.

Sunday, from Adventures in Extreme Parenthood, did a float test, with some surprising results.

JennieG, from Hip as I Wanna Be, sent her kids to hike the Appalachian Trail (no, ACTUALLY hike the Appalachian Trail) and has some test tubes lined up for an experiment.

Bon, from Crib Chronicles, inspires with a beautiful post about reaching out and forming relationships and sowed seeds of hope with her son.

Amy, from Teach Mama, shares a lesson in spring flower fragrance and ends with a beautiful bouquet.

Kimberly, from Petroville, made a wish upon a cherry blossom.

Mel, from The Stirrup Queens, followed a country road in West Virginia and finds turtles, among other things.

Annette, from Catnip and Coffee, tells of walking in a swamp, meeting a cow named after a drink and visiting a rain-swollen brook, among other adventures.

Jodifur and her son re-discovered science kits they have already had fun with after an ER-trip thwarts their plans to go to a museum.

DiPaola Momma, of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom, is hosting a planet party in the backyard.

Janine, of Twofer Mom, reminisces about watching for shooting stars around the backyard fire pit.

Sarah and the Good Squad got dirty with some agricultural experimentation.

ALW, from A Lettered Woman, made granola bars with her son and layered some knowledge.

Aimee, from Smiling Mama, also hoped for an explosion from baking soda, but got something different, and learned an important science lesson in the process.

Aimee also tells us, on her Out by Ten blog, about a fun trip to the Goddard Space Flight Center's Visitor Center.

The Boss, from Who's The Boss, explains a float test.  And she wants you to drink a bottle of wine so you can use the cork.

Magpie, from Magpie Musings, made the best volcano ever, with a secret ingredient.

Heather, from 30 Balloons, helped her daughter write a letter to Susan and explored the International Space Station and the NASA website.

Manic Mommy, from She's Just Another Manic Mommy, made flowers change color.

Mama Echo, at Do You Have the Time, tells about her daughter's illuminating science fair project.

Thrift Store Mama and her girls explored what is different about tulips from daytime to nighttime.

Nicole, from BananaBlueberry, and her son played in the mud and learned about canals and hydrodynamics.  Then they took the opportunity to plant some seeds.

Sue, from Laundry for Six, took her kids on a field trip to see some medical gore.

Javamom, from Caffeine and a Prayer, got magnetic with her kids.

PunditMom went all the way to China for her science field trip.

The crew at Wrecklamation learned about nutrition from Jamie Oliver, examined a snack that sat too long at the bottom of a purse and calculated the fat content of various foods, with video!

Shannon, from Same Old Shannon, took a nature preserve walk and saw a sweet family of turtles.

Nicole, from Not Just a Working Mom, tells us about her son's science fair project, headphones that don't get tangled.  (Sign me up for those!)

Laurie, from Laurie Writes, may not be a rocket scientist, but she was, at least for a little while, a rock scientist.

Victoria, from The Mummy Chronicles, presents the most adorable volcano-making video ever and shows that sometimes science takes a little experimenting.

Mama Bub introduces her little man, Bub, to science through play and exploration.

Niksmom, from Maternal Instincts, looks at science through new eyes.

Fellow cancer activist, Darryl, from I Never Signed Up for This, tells of learning of the male gender bias in medical research.

Dwana, from Healthier, Happier, You, used simple household ingredients to make glue.

Thien-Kim, from I'm Not the Nanny, made raisins dance.

Lawyer Mama planted a serious garden.

Sandie, from Urban Mama experienced as much of nature as possible (including alligators!) on vacation with her kids.

Kim, from Hormone-Colored Days, made butter.

Kate, from The Big Piece of Cake, took her kids on a hunt for bugs.

Neil, from Citizen of the Month, contemplates a life without scientists and follows the scientific method to build a sandwich.

Lady M finds a science experiment lurking right in her bathroom cabinet.

Amy, from Shallow Gal, started with Mentos and Diet Coke.

Although there are no judges in the Virtual Science Fair, I hereby award everyone a blue ribbon. I'm impressed with the variety of ways that bloggers took on this challenge and turned it into an opportunity to look at the world in a different way.

But I have one more thing to ask of you... in the name of science.

Go, right now, and join the Love/Avon Army of Women

The goals of the Army of Women are to recruit one million healthy women of every age and ethnicity, including breast cancer survivors and women at high-risk for the disease, to partner with breast cancer researchers and directly participate in the research that will eradicate breast cancer once and for all AND to challenge the scientific community to expand its current focus to include breast cancer prevention research conducted on healthy women.

Once you sign up, you can see if there are any current research projects for which you qualify. (There's one right here in our area.)

THIS is a science project we must all get behind.  Do it for Susan.  Do it for yourself, your daughters and the women that you love.

Cancer is a bitch, but it's no match for an Army of Women.

This is an original DC Metro Moms post. If you'd like to join the science fair fun, feel free to link to your post in the comments.


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