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June 18, 2010

He Has a Point About Father's Day

Happy-fathers-day I asked my husband what he wanted to do for Father's Day this year and he stated with a smirk, "A hike." I looked at him oddly and asked why he said it so sarcastically.  He explained, "Every year we go on a hike.  Every Father's Day it is all about being out as a family.  It's always the same."


Except last we went to a nearby Potomac Nationals game.  He went on a bit more and said, "Mother's Day is all about rest and relaxation. There are spa treatments, Mom doesn't cook. She's pampered and left alone. Father's Day is all about being up in Dad's face."  OK, I might have paraphrased a bit in that last line, but it's precisely what he meant.  He doesn't go off alone to play golf, hang with other Dad's who just want to sip a good pinot noir and watch the sunset or get a massage.

He has a point too.  Traditionally and historically speaking Dad's have been a bit off to the side when it comes to childcare and household duties.  It has only been in the last few decades that men have taken on more of the tasks at home and with the kids.  We have welcomed it with huge smiles and open arms.  Yet, how we celebrate Father's Day hasn't really changed. At least it hasn't changed in terms of gift guides and suggestions that roll out this time of year. Year after year it is the same ideas. Ties are boring, power tools are better. Get Dad sporting goods.  Wait! Skinny ties are in, get him one of those.  Doesn't Dad want a giant steak to go with that new riding lawn mower?  How about a fishing pole or a new television?   Last Sunday's paper was chocked full of these ideas, which is what spurred this conversation initially. 

While he still hasn't decided on what he wants to do with his Father's Day, it is getting closer to how we celebrate Mother's Day.  He wants to sleep in and has picked a special dinner and dessert. The girls and I have decided on a gift and to be safe a power tool might be thrown in as well.  Just no ties. Next year maybe we'll send him to a spa.

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