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June 15, 2010

The iPhone Is Breaking Up Our Family (Plan)!

Iphone4_hero Apple's iPhone has caused quite a bit of discord in our family.  Debate over it has caused many phone calls, trips to the mall, conversations with friends and family members, and ultimately, a divorce.  A cell phone plan divorce, that is.

Yes, we're going splitsville.  Our family plan is headed to Divorce Court and the final decision is who gets custody of my mother -- who uses maybe 10 minutes a month and has minimal requirements of a phone.

I'll take responsibility for being the plan-wrecker.  I'm the one with the wandering eye.  Sure, my Verizon enV2 was good enough for me when I got it not quite two years ago.  But then my iPod Touch entered my life -- I just happened to win it in an online contest.  Suddenly I was lurking at iTunes at all hours of the night, using gift cards to update my music collection, and one thing led to another, and there I was, at the App Store.  No one warned me the iPod Touch was the gateway drug to the iPhone, but it is.  Because once you start downloading apps, you want them all the time, but stray away from home and you realize that sadly, you can't have your apps at your beck and call, because you don't have your wireless access everywhere.  What's a girl to do?

Start coveting an iPhone.

"Come here," I'd say coyly to my groom.  "Let me show you... this really cool APP!"  He is, after all, a computer geek!  Being a Linux guy, he has his issues with the iPhone, closed architecture blah, blah, blah, but even he found apps he found intriguing -- I'd catch him playing with my iPod Touch from time to time.  But darned if he didn't stand resolute in his stance that he didn't want to switch over to the iPhone.  He'd come up with one excuse after another.  "They are coming out with another one." (Yeah, and it's even cooler!) "They might come out with one for Verizon this summer, let's wait for the big announcement." (Didn't happen).  "They are changing their data plan." (So what.) "It will cost a lot more to switch plans." (Actually, it doesn't, I finally dragged him out to the mall to check.)  Then the real answer came out: he wants a Droid "Incredible."

We finally had to admit it. Irreconcilable differences.  It was time to split up the family (plan).  I'm ordering the iPhone and moving over to AT&T.  He and Mom are going to stay on Verizon.  And since my best friend is on AT&T, the savings of talking to her on the same plan actually makes up the difference in cost of us splitting up (he actually analyzed the bills to figure this out.)  I promised him he'll be in my "A List" of out-of-network friends.  Mom, too.  

This is an original DC Metro Moms Post.  J.J. Newby aka JavaMom hopes she will soon be tweeting about her posts at DCMM and her own blog Caffeine And A Prayer from a really cool phone by the end of the month. 

Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iTunes, Verizon, and Droid Incredible are trademarked or registered trademarked names of their respective companies. Image of the iPhone4 provided to the media by Apple.


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