Finding The Ideal Personal Injury Attorney For Your Case

Depending on their particular area of expertise, lawyers can be highly specialized. For example, a divorce attorney, tax attorney, and prosecuting attorney, while all efficient lawyers in their own right, can be virtually useless outside of their respective fields. As such, if you are dealing with a workers’ compensation dispute, and need an attorney’s assistance, you’ll need a personal injury specialist on your side.

Here are some areas you’ll want to consider when deciding who to hire for your case.

#1. The Type of Attorney

As mentioned earlier, you will want someone that specializes in your situation rather than just any type of lawyer. However, this goes further than just deciding on whether to hire a criminal or divorce attorney to manage your disputes. You also want to make sure they have the right experience covering people in your situation.

As an example, not only should you focus on getting an attorney that specializes in insurance and injury-based claims, you should also get one that primarily focuses on personal injury. An insurance attorney may specialize in your issue, however, because they normally are seen taking the opposing side of a case (i.e., the insurance agency’s) they may not fight as hard as they could for your benefit. Getting an attorney that is solidly focused on the side of representing you is key.

If you want to maximize your chances, you should also consider finding an attorney that has focused on both sides of a case. They should primarily be a personal injury attorney, however, if they have also worked as an insurance attorney, that is optimal as they will have experience on either side of a case.

A great example of this is the California Work Injury Law Center ( These are highly-trained, award-winning lawyers that have years of experience representing personal injury cases and ensuring people make the money they deserve.

#2. The Size of the Firm

You’ll also want to consider the size of the attorney’s firm. While you may initially think that hiring a large firm may be worth the investment, the reality is that, unless you are rich enough to warrant their undivided attention, most insurance agencies are aware that your case won’t get nearly as much attention simply due to their size.

Instead, consider working with a smaller, albeit highly experienced firm. These firms can ensure you get a high portion of their attention while also having the skills necessary to know what they’re doing.

#3. Fee Payment

Arguably the most important factor. Many attorneys will give you one of two options. Either you pay “up front” or you pay a percentage of your winnings. Upfront attorneys are the least ideal option unless they are highly reviewed. These attorneys are the ones that have the reputation for billing countless hours of excessive busywork without a guarantee that you’ll win the case.

Percentage fee attorneys are the better option. These attorneys only get paid if and when you win. This means they are more likely to invest a considerable amount of time in your case, as they know they don’t make any money unless you win.

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