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What Is a Bail Bond and How Does It Work

When a person is accused of criminal action, typically they are arrested and placed in a jail for booking and processing. In order to be released from jail while awaiting trial, they will either need to post their own bail or hire Orange County Bail Bonds Company to help with the process. If you’re in need of hiring a bail bondsman, it is important to understand the process by which bail bonds in Orange county works.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

A bail bond is a legal agreement used to get a defendant released from jail while they await trial. In most instances, a defendant is taken to jail and a bail will be set according to the Orange County Bail Schedule. The bail schedule is set by a panel of Orange County judges on an annual basis.

What the Rate for Orange County Bail Bond Company’s Service?

All around the United States, the most common percentage of a bail bond service is 10%. Legally, this is mandated by the California Department of Insurance for Orange County. Although other expenses can occur during the bail bond process, the standard rate for bail bonds in Orange County is 10%, and there should not be any higher or discounted rates.
Be wary of Orange county bail companies that boast 5% bail bond fees, as they are violating California law. Any company that offers you these rates or makes these claims is either acting illegally or will put you on a payment plan when you sign the contract. These “price cutting” bail agents are saying and doing whatever they can to get your business. Always check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure you are dealing with a reputable, trusted bail company.

Where Do You Get Bail Bonds in Orange County?

There are several companies that offer bail bonds in Orange County. However, only some of them have experience, licensed and professional. If you are in Orange County and looking for a bail bond company, is the answer. has the bail bond rates and professional and experienced attorneys to ensure you don’t go to county jail.
During the bond procedure, you will have to finish some basic yet required paperwork. After the needed documentation is filled out, the defendant could be released as well as the bail bond will offer a more objective in guaranteeing that the accused will certainly turn up to his/her future court date(s). Nonetheless, if the accused does not show up, their bail quantity will be surrendered and also whatever was utilized to pay the bail bond, such as collateral, will certainly not be in ownership of the defendant or co-signer.
What Services Do Bondsmen Provide?

The overall services that provides include:
• all documents copies
• all transactions receipts
• updates and information on the bond’s status

Some bondsman will accept cards and also offer bond bonds layaway plan; others just operate in cash money. Some bond companies will need you to come into a workplace; other bail bondsmans useonline bail bonds.

If you are looking for bail bonds in Orange County, is the best company to contact. You should feel completely comfortable with both the bail bonds company and the process before signing a bail contract and paying the fee.

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