How SMS Marketing Services Work

Many people use their phones for everything from finding a new hair salon to purchasing new living room accessories at a discount. SMS marketing services take advantage of this habit,, allowing companies to reach potential customers on this important sales channel. This will explain how the process of promoting a product via text messages works.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is an abbreviation for short message service marketing. This involves sending short promotional messages to interested parties.

For example, short messages could be sent which provide further information on a loyalty discount that a store is offering. Short messages could also be used to promote an event, such as a reggae music festival or a healthcare initiative.

Some messages that are used in SMS marketing quickly share information. However, others may invite engagement in other ways. For example, some ask consumers to participate in surveys or otherwise share feedback on a product that they’ve used.

Opt-In Required

SMS marketing is a form of permission-based marketing. This means that each person who receives a text message during this type of marketing campaign must have given prior permission for this type of information to be sent to them.

Marketing companies like must have a pre-approved list if they wish to use this technique. Each person on that list must have given digital consent to receive text messages that contain promotional content from that specific company.

The customer is sent an initial invitation to receive promotional messages. If they wish to be a part of future campaigns they can reply to that invitation text, by entering a short code which consists of five digits.

This short code is stored in the marketing system. Since it comes from the customer’s phone, it verifies that they have given permission to be added to the list.

Customers will know that they’ve been added to the list because they’ll receive a confirmation code afterwards. They’ll also receive an opt-out code that they can use if they want to be removed from the list at any time in the future.

SMS Marketing Increases Customer Loyalty

All profitable businesses work hard to ensure that their customers are loyal to them. This decreases the amount of money that they are required to spend on new customer acquisition.

By investing in each customer, a business will form a lifelong relationship with them, which delivers benefits to both parties. SMS marketing facilitates this type of relationship by allowing brands to reach clients with special offers that meet their needs.

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