How To Plan A Funeral Or Memorial Service

Organizing a funeral is not an easy job and can be very stressful. No one likes to talk about death because everyone experiences it differently. We are all aware that nothing is eternal, but we do not want to think about the death of a loved one until it happens. In a way, this is not good, because you will later be in a quandary with time and sadness will not allow you to do everything properly. It is recommended that you plan the funeral so that you are prepared for everything in that difficult moment. Preparing a dignified funeral is not an easy job, but some professionals can do it for you. If you want to know more about the methods of burial and accompanying equipment, visit the following page In Cortner Chapel, you can find everything you need for a dignified funeral.

They offer you the following services:

  • Arriving on call at your home;
  • Transportation of deceased persons;
  • Organization of a complete funeral;
  • Sale of funeral equipment;
  • Scheduling funerals in cemeteries;
  • Procurement of boxes and accompanying equipment;
  • Obtaining complete documentation;
  • Making obituaries and publishing obituaries;
  • Funeral orchestra.

Organizing a funeral

The organization of the funeral begins with the purchase of the gravesite and by scheduling the time of the funeral. When you determined the time of the funeral, you choose whether to hire a priest or an orchestra for the funeral music. When planning a funeral, the equipment is essential, and it depends on the religion and the method of burial.

Of the accessories, one of the most important is the coffin, and you can find them in different shapes, colors, and types of wood. Along with the coffin, you receive textile equipment for the funeral of the deceased. After that, it is necessary to get an ideal cross and flowers for the funeral. Very often, people choose roses, gladioli, ikebana as well as wreaths and bouquets with flowers that were the deceased’s favorite. Cremation, for example, is a more environmentally friendly way of burying the deceased, but it is up to you to decide. Cremation is performed in an ecological coffin made of softwood.

The organization of the funeral includes dressing, bathing, and preparing the deceased for a dignified farewell. These are the final preparations for the funeral, and the bathing is done in the direction from the head to the feet. If the deceased has a prepared suit, then he is buried in it. The funeral service can provide a suit if you do not have one. If you are looking for a complete funeral service, then visit

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