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What Color Lip Gloss Should I Wear

When you want to choose just the right lipstick for a special occasion, the prospect can be quite daunting. Obviously, the shade is important since you want it to match with and complement the rest of your look. However, the finish you choose in your lipstick is just as crucial, so it makes sense to learn the differences among the main candidates.


A matte finish is smooth, free of shine and velvety and lends itself particularly well to deeper shades of red, pink and oxblood colors. One cautionary note is that if you apply a product of this type such as liquid matte lipstick by Dose of Colors, you may find that your lips become dry over time. This is due to the lower amount of oil in the matte formulation. Combat this problem by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips and applying a primer and lip liner before putting on your color.


Slightly shinier than mattes but still very rich, creamy shades are also known for their long-lasting quality. They are classically elegant, beautiful in virtually every color and have consistently been popular with women of all ages over the years. Their only downside is that they can bleed into the lines around your lips. Using a lip liner of a similar color helps you to keep the shape of your lips well-defined.


Subtle yet still noticeable, satin finishes in lipstick are as soft and smooth as the fabric after which they are named. Both natural and more colorful tones work well with this finish, which is perfect if you want a bit of color and shine but don’t necessarily want your lips to take center stage.


Most of us began our lipstick journey as teenagers with roll-on, fruit-flavored lip gloss. It gave our lips a wet shine and felt oh so grown-up. Now that you are older, you can still get that look – minus the cloying strawberry and the roller ball – with beautiful, shimmering glosses. Just remember that shiny glosses tend to attract UV rays, so first apply a lip balm with SPF.

No doubt about it, the lipstick you choose can either make or break your desired look. As you view your infinite options at the cosmetic counter, think about the impression you want to give. No matter what that might be, there is sure to be a shade and finish that suits your mood.

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